Be on a SynchroniCITY Card


Your SynchronCITY Card will be published within one week of you:

  1. Sending a high quality photo (or weblink to one) for your featured image to
  2. Completing payment for your first year through this page.

Within one month of being published, your SynchronCITY Card will be featured in:

  1. An email to the email list.
  2. The new category on the “Choose a Card” page.

Your SynchronCITY Card will remain live as long as your annual payment is made at the current rate.

  1. You will receive reminder emails when it’s time to renew which is a great time to checkin to see if your image and website link is current, but please email any updates to either anytime.
  2. You can cancel at any point, but payments are non-refundable.

You’ll be emailed invitations to SynchroniCITY Card Gatherings which:

  1. Are an optional bonus available annually (date and time varies each year).
  2. You’re welcome to attend to meet and learn about others who are on a SynchroniCITY Card.