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SynchroniCITY Cards

A soulful search oracle celebrating unity in diversity

SynchroniCITY Cards invite people, places, creations, and organizations from all over the world to discover and meet each other.

Different than other search engines that data mine to produce an algorithm for results, SynchroniCITY Card search results are divinely sparked by your intent and generated “randomly”/synchronistically with invitation for you to choose which card you feel a synergy to view and follow through as inspired.

100% Funded through Generous Donations

Since the financial model isn’t based on selling data or advertising, continued operations and growth of SynchroniCITY Cards are fully funded through people who generously donate.

SynchroniCITY Cards Founder and History

Founded with Jennah Synnestvedt’s time and energy to channel through the vision, design, and build the platform.

SynchroniCITY Cards are a creation of Jennah Synnestvedt who conceived the idea for a soulful search oracle in 2009, dabbled through iterations for over a decade, and launched it in current format as a global online soulful search oracle in 2023.

While experiencing many synchronicities along her inner and outer journey as she allowed herself to traverse between worlds and bridge communities, Jennah was inspired to create a way for people to play with how intent + action creates results (aka synchronicity).

Additionally, SynchroniCITY Cards is another way Jennah shares her gift of opening pathways and Soulful Brand skills to inspire and benefit people.

Be on a SynchroniCITY Card

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